I-Fourth is developing its Ecoproject ''HyperGenerator''

Now I-Fourth is developing its EcoProject, ''HyperGenerator'' which has the capacity to provide clean water, clean energy, purified air, and valuable ecological data. We are now at the 'fundraising' stage to build this promising project that will address water and energy shortages, air pollution, and rampant ecological and environmental problems in local communities worldwide. The Generator:

-extracts clean water from the air(500 liters per day)

-clean energy (solar and wind) - approx. 2,5 Kw/h

-purifies the air (99.7% efficiency)

-collects valuable ecological data through its smart IoT sensors.

The Generator is self-sufficient as it works thanks to the clean energy that it generates and only needs maintenance every 2 months.

Other projects and ideas that the I-Fourth team works to develop are:

-AI and neuroscience.

-Lunar energy.

-Wireless and biomass energy.

-3D house printing for displaced people.

-A Security App for social objects.

-Virtual innovation center.

-New educational models.

"I-Fourth's CEOs & Co-Founders"