is divided into 4 "i"-s: innovation (innovación), research (investigación), integration (integración) and investment (inversión).

Think Globally, Act locally

When the world is flat, whatever can be done WILL be done. The only question is whether it will be done BY you or TO you. If you can imagine it, don’t think it won’t get done. When there is this much in the way of distributed tools of connectively, if you have a good idea, you should pursue it. Whether it’s in Boston, Bangalore, or Beijing, it will get done.

Thomas L. Friedman

Current & Coming Projects

We are now prototyping the HyperGenerator, which extracts water, purifies the air, generates energy and collects ecological data. You can get news and updates and you can watch more videos and see photos on the prototyping of the HyperGenerator on our Facebook page.

Other projects and ideas that the I-Fourth team works to develop are:

  • Lunar energy
  • Wireless and biomass energy
  • 3D house printing for displaced people
  • A Security App for social objects
  • Virtual innovation center
  • New educational models

Our Team

About I-Fourth

I-Fourth bridges technological and social innovations to deliver our hi-tech products to low-income communities 'cause our motto is: think globally, act locally. Born in December 2016 in a student room in beautiful Manizales of Colombia, I-Fourth seeks to bridge social and technological innovations in order to develop robust socio-economic and scientific projects in the era of globalization. The name of I-Fourth is about the Four Founders, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the Four “i”-s (from Spanish) as it is divided into: innovation (innovación), research (investigación), integration (integración) and investment (inversión).

Contact Us

For general inquiries, please email us at info@i-fourth.com
For press inquiries, please email us at press@i-fourth.com